Dr Julwel Kenney, PhD, MS, BS -- Infertility Coach

​​​​​If you are reading this webpage, you may be on the infertility journey my husband and I experienced for over 25 years.  We have found, during our infertility journey, unless a person has been down this road it is extremely hard for an individual to understand the emotional rollercoaster, pain, grief, psychological trauma, disappointments, frustration, and stress couples or an individual experience.  It is important and beneficial to know and understand beforehand how infertility can affect your self-esteem and marriage while going through the process.  After experiencing 12 miscarriages, due to suffering from blood clots, even though we have not conceived a child through it all, our marriage of 30+ years is stronger now than ever before.  We are still husband and wife, as well as best friends.  Our goal is to help you build a strong marriage and relationship foundation that can weather your infertility journey.

Dr. Kenney is a self-motivated, skilled, energetic, hardworking, ambitious, enthusiastic, goal and result-oriented leader who always strives for excellence.  She has achieved a strong educational background which has culminated in a PhD, MS, and a BS to complement her coaching, leadership, and personal development experiences.

Dr. Kenney has coached individuals from all walks of life, engaged couples, and married couples to use life challenges to bring out the best in them.  She specializes in life coaching, infertility coaching, life coaching, and executive coaching.  Dr. Julwel Kenney is the coach, supporter, and friend infertile women and men need today.  She works with clinics, pharmacies, and other types of fertility organizations to help them implement her innovative emotional support system, which is based on her own fertility journey. Her books will motivate you to use life challenges to bring out the best in you.

1) How to Bring Out the Best in You: The Journey to Personal Transformation and Leadership

2) Bringing Out the Best in You Through Life Challenges: It is Your Time to Achieve

3) Goals and Proven Strategies for Success by the Industry's Leading Experts
(co-authored with Dr. Steve Covey, Dr. John Gray, and Les Brown)


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