Dr. Julwel Kenney provides problem-solving strategies in a supportive environment through individual and couple counseling, specialized support groups, and relaxation techiques.  Each client is given individual attention and coached according to their needs.

If you are seeking for someone to talk to about the ups and downs of your infertility treatment, marriage, inability to communicate, insecurities, disappointnments, pain, hopes, and plans for the future, Dr. Kenney is an excellent listener, coach, and Christian counselor who provides knowledge, empowerment, engagement, encouragement, confidence, guidance, and friendship.

Communication Support

Emotional Support

Dr Julwel Kenney, PhD, MS, BS  Coaching


Psychological Support

Dr Julwel Kenney, PhD, MS, BS  - Coaching Services:

Going through  infertility treatment can be one of the most "psychological" challenges an individual and couple could experience.   There are so many questions, frustration, embarrassments, and insecurities individuals and couples face while on the fertility journey.  Dr. Julwel Kenney is available to provide support, guidance, awareness, and peace of mind to make your infertility journey easy, build stronger marriage relationships, and maintain friendships.


These  next few months may be one of the most challenging journeys of your life.  From health and nutriton to psychological support, get advice and support  from the expert, Dr. Julwel Kenney.


One of the most challenging aspects of the infertility treatment is dealing with the "emotions" due to the medications required for treatment, uncertainty about outcomes, and the challenge of having to make important decisions.  Coping with making many intense medical decisions and the uncertainty that infertility delivers can create an emotional rollcoaster for many, and this is where you need Dr. Kenney's helps to provide relaxation and peace of mind.